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Before They Fade Away

You’d probably brave a burning building to save your photos, so don’t let the ravages of time rob you instead.

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Could This Be Australia's Easiest And Best Value Photo Scanning Service? Let Us Preserve Your Precious Family History With Our ShoeBox Scan


At last!… you can now throw out that old shoebox you’ve been storing your old photos in. With our ShoeBox Scan you can halt the deterioration of your precious memories, and preserve all your loose photos as easy-to-share digital images, ready to enjoy on social media with family & friends.

And with our super low rates of $199 for a box of up to 500 loose photos, or up to 1000 loose photos for $299 there’s no excuse to put it off any longer. You’d probably brave a burning building to save your photos, so don’t let the ravages of time rob you instead.


Guaranteed on-site processing

NO shipping your photos to India or anywhere else! We guarantee your photos will NEVER leave our Brisbane store.

While you're free to have your transfers done overseas if you so choose, some Australian services hide the fact that they are outsourcing - including to overseas.

We guarantee that all our listed services are performed fully in-house.

Our Brisbane lab is located at

249 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor. Qld. 4030

We're on the corner of Bowen St, with parking in Bowen St.

We are open 9-5 AEST Monday to Friday, and 9-2 Saturday.

Ph: (07) 3357 4807

SMS: 0448 855 056


Easter 2019 Specials! Check it out!

FREE upgrade from 300ppi to 600ppi scanning resolution!

This means you could re-print at twice the original photo's size (at least) at 300dpi photo print resolution, and be assured of high enough resolution for most screen use situations (eg: viewing on TV/computer screens).

• FREE Colour Correction of your scans


The USB is included

Price includes a high quality Sandisk or Toshiba USB flash-drive.

Or, instead of the two free upgrades above, choose to receive a FREE extra USB copy with your order!

We keep a copy of your files on our servers for 90 days, giving you tons of time to organise back-up.


Please do not get us confused with another company with a very similar name (includes the word "shoebox"). We've heard of problems and people confusing us with them.

we are not a mail-order-only service - we operate a bricks-and-mortar shopfront located at 249 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor. QLD.

When you choose RetroMedia you can relax knowing all work is done on-premises.

We'll never send your precious photos anywhere - especially not overseas!. You're welcome to ask to see our scanning area, anytime.

ShoeBox Scan FAQs

  • Do we need to pay a deposit?

    $199 per box will be charged upon receiving your photos. Any extras will be invoiced once we have an accurate count at the end of the job.

  • Are there any photos that are unsuitable for the ShoeBox Scan process?

    The ShoeBox Scan service is for Loose Photos Only, that is, photos supplied loose in one box or bag. Photos you may have in cardboard mounts, frames or albums would need to be removed and supplied loose. Or we may be able to scan these for you under another of our scanning service offerings.

    For our ShoeBox Scan service, we utilise a high end feed-type photo scanner, the Kodak PS80.

    Not all loose photos are suitable to safely feed into a scanner. To qualify for the ShoeBox Scan rate, your photos must be:

    • between wallet sized (at least 3 inches/75mm on one side) and A4

    • in good, clean, flat & flexible condition.

    • not curled up, cracking, torn, or crumbling

    • not dirty or sticky,

    • free of sticky tape, staples, paperclips, blu-tac, post-it notes etc.

    Other “unsuitable” photo types include:

    • newspaper print

    • odd shaped cut-out photos

    • some laminated photos

    • some ink-jet printed photos

    • some very high-gloss crinkle finish photos

    • some cheap Fuji print papers

    If you have any photos that you suspect are unsuitable, you can still include them. We’d love it if you could group these separately and label them “unsuitable”, and we’ll flat-bed scan them for you.

    Even if you don't know what might be in your box there's still no need to worry. At the time of ordering you can simply instruct us with your choice to have us to either flat-bed scan, or leave unscanned, any unsuitables we might come across.

  • What if some of my photos don’t match the above conditions?

    Prints that do not meet the above criteria (unsuitable prints) will need to be individually flat-bed scanned at the applicable individual flat-bed scanning rates. Or you can opt to have us leave them aside unscanned.

    When you drop your job in to us you will be asked regarding "unsuitables" we may find, that either:

    A) We leave unsuitable photos unscanned, or

    B) You can pre-approve us to flat-bed scan up to 20 images at applicable rates (under A4 size @ $1.35 ea, under A3 size @ $1.95 ea). If there are more than 20 images we will stop at that point & SMS you for further instructions.

  • What other upgrades do you offer?

    Rush Service (subject to workload):

    Standard turnaround for the ShoeBox Scan service is usually 2 - 3 weeks. For a Rush Service (guaranteed turnaround in 7 days or less) add 33%.

    Upgrade The Scanning Resolution:

    Upgrade to 1200 ppi scanning resolution (printable at least 4x enlarged): Add 100%.

    This can be applied to just certain groups of photos within your job as long as you pre-sort them into these specific groupings ahead of time. For example, this can be used so you end up with a higher resolution scan of just your smaller photos. Simply group your smaller photos & let us know at the time of your order.

    Two-sided photo scanning:

    We can digitise the written info on the back of your photos for you. Add 50%.

    Two-sided photo scanning is offered "project-wide only" as an upgrade option with the ShoeBox Scan service. We cannot turn on & off the two-sided scanning photo-by-photo, or even on a bundle-by-bundle basis. The back of each photo will display on your USB as the next image in sequence. So even only some of your photos have info written on the back, you will still end up with scans of the backs of every photo, so you may want to go through and delete those blank photo backs.

  • Can I group photos?

    The ShoeBox Scan service is for Loose Photos Only, that is, photos supplied loose in one box or bag. We can only keep the price this low if photos are supplied loose. For various reasons you may want to supply photos in bundles or envelopes (we call these groupings).

    Groupings - where the digital images are required to be separated into separate digital folders on the USB, &/or the original photos are to be returned to their supplied packets/bags/groupings - are charged at $1.00 each.

  • Can you scan strictly in order?

    Due to the methodology we have developed in order for us to be able to scan your photos as accurately yet inexpensively as possible, we cannot guarantee to scan in strict order with the Shoebox Scan service, but we are happy to do what we can to scan “roughly in order”.

    We can scan strictly in order with other services, so please contact us if this is important to you.

  • What if I have less than 500 photos?

    That’s ok. You’re still welcome to send those in, but this offer has a set price of $199 for up a box of up to 500, or $299 for a box of up to 1000. If you have much less you could get together with some family, and get up near or even over the 500 mark. Just send through what you have & we’ll bill you $199 (for up to 500 suitable images). If that doesn’t suit you, then of course we do have scanning services for smaller quantities.

  • What if I have more than 500 photos?

    That’s fine too. You don’t have to have exactly 500 photos, or even multiples of 500. If you have over 500 photos the system will count what you have & we will issue an invoice for the difference. As a deposit we’ll invoice you $199, which would cover scanning 500 photos. If you end up with between 750 and 1000 photos we will charge another $100, bringing the total to $299 (the up-to-1000 rate), as this would work out cheaper for you. If you end up with say 1100 at the end of the job, we’ll just issue an invoice for the shortfall, charged at the $299 per 1000 rate, (30c per scan). Or if you prefer you can ask us up front not to digitise beyond what you have prepaid for.

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