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VHS Transfers to USB & DVD

Free yourself from obsolete VCRs and the defunct VHS format!

RetroMedia transfers your VHS tapes to future-proof, easy-to-play digital video on USB, as well as to DVD.

The Gift of Memories

The gift of memories. There's really not much in the world that is more precious. The one possession you'd probably brave a burning building for.

Retromedia can save those memories… Bring them back to life from the obsolete media where they are trapped. We can make it so easy for these memories to be enjoyed & shared with family & friends.

Australia's Most Trusted VHS to DVD / USB Transfer Service

Cleaning, Repair & Digital Transfer of Obsolete VHS Tapes to USB & DVD


Why Transfer VHS to digital? Because they won't last! VHS tape is not an archival medium. It has an expected lifespan of just ten to fifteen years. That lifespan can be shortened even further when tapes are not properly cared for. So all over this country precious VHS tapes are gradually fading away…

RetroMedia are Australia's experts in the cleaning, repair and digital transfer of VHS tapes - even those that are much older than above-mentioned safe lifespan. Because we clean every tape we have the best success rate in the industry for video conversions, preserving your memories for future generations as modern, convenient, future-proof Mp4 video files supplied on USB.

We've helped thousands of Aussie families, businesses, schools etc to digitally preserve their VHS tapes. We'd love to help you too!

Why USB? We no longer recommend DVD as a delivery medium because of durability & longevity issues. Writeable DVDs have fallen far short of the outrageous promises of disc manufacturers. We've encountered people bringing in DVDs that have failed & are unrecoverable in as few as 5 short years. Imagine if that was your memories! Add to this the fact that DVD is being rapidly phased out. We can produce DVDs additional to your future-proof mp4 files if required, but we no longer offer transfers to DVD only.

Why RetroMedia?

Check out ten more good reasons to choose RetroMedia for your VHS transfers.


1. VHS tapes are fragile

Even just playing VHS tapes can cause damage. Old VCRs or cameras can easily chew your tape. Dust, mould & cosmic radiation all conspire together to degrade your memories.


2. We don't outsource

Watch Out! Some cheap services outsource their transfer work offshore. We guarantee all VHS transfer work is done in our own lab. Your videos never leave our premises.


3. Pre-transfer cleaning

One of our main points of difference is that we clean each VHS tape before transfer. This way we can be sure that they are looking their best when they are digitally preserved.


4. We can clean mould

Many others will advise you to throw away mouldy VHS tapes. Don't listen to the naysayers! We can save 95% of mouldy VHS tapes.


5. We fix broken VHS tapes

Worried your VHS tape has broken? We can repair almost any video tape damage - even flood damage - and rescue the memories.


6. Pro equipment

Because a VCR and a VHS tape don't always match as they should, we maintain a wide range of professional VCRs of different brands, so we can choose a good match.


7. Picture enhanced

Specialty equipment like Time-base Correctors stabilise damaged VHS tapes. We can also crop & adjust colour as we digitise.


8. Digital cleanup

All VHS tapes have blank or worthless footage. We digitally top & tail your videos deleting black, blue & static footage. We also offer optional "picture noise" reduction, for your most important memories.


9. Full resolution

Every tape is transferred at it's full original resolution.


10. Choice of digital formats

We transfer directly to future-proof Mp4 files. We can optionally convert to AVI or MOV files, or to DVD by request. DVD only available as an add-on to a transfer to digital video files.

Want to get your VHS transferred to DVD or USB? For all the above-listed reasons and more, it's clear that RetroMedia is the smart choice for a great job on VHS transfers. And of course all of your original media will be returned to you with your digital versions at the end of the project.

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RetroMedia will professionally convert your old films to future-proof digital formats.


You Relax & Enjoy

Experience the excitement of watching and sharing your memories anywhere, any time you like!

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