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Evaluation & Warranty Period

Details Of Our 90 day Evaluation & Warranty Period.

RetroMedia Evaluation Period & Limited Warranty

It's important to acknowledge that much of the media we receive is very old, and we have no independent knowledge of its history and/or of the way it has been cared for over the years. Nonetheless, we have spent much time, effort and money developing cleaning and restoration procedures that allow us to - in many cases - save memories that others will advise you to consign to the rubbish bin.

Things like mouldy tapes, broken tapes, dirty tapes, faded & torn photos are challenging at times, but we take on this work - at which we have very high success rates - because over the years we have seen the devastation on client's faces when they have been told that is too late to save their memories.

Sometimes this diagnosis turns out to be true - it is too late. But in other cases we can save memories that nobody else can. And you may consider this worth the cost of an attempt if the media is precious to you.

And so, with all this in mind, here is our 90 Day Evaluation & Limited Warranty Policy:

After doing our very best for you, RetroMedia undertakes to keep back-up copies of all your digitised media for 90 days from date of invoice, to allow time for:

• shipping

• for you to check through your transfers

• and for you to have time to organise backup of your media.

Out of respect for your privacy RetroMedia will automatically delete our copies of your media after 90 days has elapsed. Consequently RetroMedia limits warranty for all digital conversions to this period of 90 days only.

Both our invoice email & our packaging remind all clients that they have 90 days to satisfy themselves that they are happy with their digital conversions, and to back up their media. Though we stand by our statement that we transfer your media to future-proof formats, this warranty cannot extend to the physical container your digitised media is supplied on. As is said in the computer industry, unless your data exists in three places it does not exist. With this adage in mind RetroMedia strongly recommends that clients’ data be backed up twice (in addition to the original digital versions), with one copy stored in a remote location (say, with a relative, or perhaps in the cloud). This protects the client from loss due to failure of a data storage device, as well as from damage & loss due to theft, fire, flood etc.

Our warranty corresponds to this period that we hold copies of your media, and that is, as standard, a period of 90 days. We limit warranty for the period of time that we hold copies of the material, as this material is what we would be working from if there were any problem that needed investigating. Once this material is gone, our ability to investigate the cause of an issue, and as possible adjust or repair problems, diminishes to nil, leaving us only with the option to start the transfer over again from scratch, instead of what might have been a much simpler & cheaper solution to a problem working from the digital copies. If extra time is needed we are willing to extend the 90 days out to 120 days if required, and the warrantee will be extended to match the extended time we allow. All requests for such extension should be in writing. If we receive no written notification, then the warrantee expires at 90 days, and our copies of your digital media will be deleted.

At RetroMedia, we have carefully honed processes in place to ensure consistently good results for our clients. But as with any human endeavour, we may at times fall short of our aspirations. As conditions of our warranty we reserve the right to first attempt to remedy any work we agree is not up to standard, and that we additionally agree is caused by a fault on our part. Shipping and any other costs will need to be borne by the client. After we have been given an opportunity to remedy the problem we would consider on a case-by-case basis a partial or full refund if we are unable to remedy the issue to our client’s, or our, satisfaction. But because we are dealing with very old media, the history of which we have no foreknowledge, and the past care of which we have had no control over, we will not entertain the option of a refund in cases our investigations show to be a fault with the original media itself, and not a fault on our part, and beyond our power to improve.

For any problems that arise after the 90 day warrantee period has elapsed, no remedy is offered. We believe 90 days is a long enough period of time for anyone to check through their digitised files, no matter how big the project may be - especially when we do also offer to lengthen warranty cover out to 120 days if we are asked to - in writing - before the 90 days has elapsed. As we would no longer have access to our copies of your data, our opportunity to determine cause/fault at this late stage would no longer exist, and therefore no refunds or remedy will be entertained, beyond simply attempting the project again at your expense.

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