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The Easiest Way To Digitise Your Audio Tapes & Records to USB or CD!


Play It Again Sam

Bring the memories flooding back! Audio trapped on old obsolete formats can once again see the light of day.

The Gift of Memories

The gift of memories. There's really not much in the world that is more precious. The one possession you'd probably brave a burning building for.

Retromedia can save those memories… Bring them back to life from the obsolete media where they are trapped. We can make it so easy for these memories to be enjoyed & shared with family & friends.

Professional Digitising of Obsolete Audio Formats to CD or USB


Audio tapes? Vinyl records? We specialise in bringing dead formats back to a long, happy life in an easy-to-play digital format.

We transfer Audio Cassettes, Dictaphone tapes, Vinyl Records, 78's & Acetates, 1/4" reel-to-reel audio tapes & more.

Top 7 Reasons To Trust RetroMedia To Digitise Your Audio


1. It can be fragile

Even just playing them can cause damage. A cassette player can easily chew a precious tape. Then there's dust & mould to contend with.


2. We don't outsource

All work is done in our Brisbane lab. Your precious audio never leaves our premises.

Our Brisbane lab is located at

249 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor. Qld. 4030

We're on the corner of Bowen St, with parking in Bowen St.

We are open 9-5 AEST Monday to Friday, and 9-2 Saturday.

Ph: (07) 3357 4807

SMS: 0448 855 056


3. Hand inspected

Your audio media is carefully hand inspected for signs of damage and deterioration.


4. Tape repair service

Worried your tape has broken? We can repair most kinds of damage to audio tape and rescue the memories.

Repair charges will apply for tapes you bring in damaged.

But our transfer rates cover you for one simple snap repair per project, if any tapes should break while we are attempting to play them.

NB: Some types of repairs excluded, such as repairs that require a new donor shell, or breakages caused by mould.


5. Cleaning available

Wet Washing and Surface Peels are available for vinyl records as options, as well as cleaning of audio tapes.

My Image

The Spin Clean record washing system enables us to deep-clean both sides of your vinyl record. It can make a noticeable difference to the clicks & crackles.

My Image

RECORD REViRGiNiZER is a viscous liquid that is poured onto a vinyl record. It is then massaged into the records surface and left to set. After setting it is peeled from the records surface, at the same time taking all the microscopic contaminants with it. It's a bit like a facemask...but for vinyl records!


6. We can enhance

Blank sections are removed & levels normalised. Hiss, hum, clicks & crackles can be removed or reduced.


7. USB or Audio CD

We digitise as high quality, lossless WAV files, and deliver on your choice of USB or Audio CD. Mp3 available on request.

And of course all of your original media will be returned to you with your digital versions at the end of the project.

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Experience the excitement of enjoying and sharing your memories anywhere, any time you like!

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